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super tidy camper - campervan rental new zealand

wanderlust campers super tidy camper campervan rental new zealand

Wanderlust Campers
Auto 2001-2003
2.4L Toilet
AC/heating Automatic
Unlimited Kms  
number of adultsx 2 includes toilet

Wanderlust Campers information

5+ NZD $50.00
These prices are for pick ups this week.
Prices may vary according to seasonality.

Wanderlust Campers Rental Terms for travel between 20-Aug-2018 and 22-Aug-2018

Wanderlust Campers Insurance

Christchurch depot

Christchurch is a serviced non depot location.

Transfer to and from the depot to the Airport is complimentary in Christchurch. Pickup is from the Taxi pickup area. Please provide flight details.